Saturday, October 14, 2006

Il Trovalino and The Lord Seventh :)

2 videos that link to Ewidi are available here:

Google video

The Lord Seventh:
Il Trovalino:


The Lord Seventh:
Il Trovalino:

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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Ewidi all around

latest about ewidi on the web, thank you very much to all of those that are writing about
Ewidi, we really appreciate it
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Monday, October 02, 2006

we are rolling!

today's comment on ewidi:

sometimes is crucial to meet right person in right moment! ewidi is exactly about that!

thank you! :) Ewidi link :)

thank you to the people of for this link, all best :)
wwwwhatsnew Ewidi link

Friday, September 29, 2006

claimed at technorati

Well, now we are claimed at Technorati

Thursday, September 28, 2006

The first official Ewidi version has been launched!

Today 27 of september 2006 , after 2 months of testing we have launched the first official Ewidi version with new features and designs, give it a try, its on ,The marketing phase of Ewidi will also begin slowly in the next few days, the adventure begins! :)

Monday, August 28, 2006

Avanti amici, the adventure has just begun :)

to Marko, Frank & family, Barbara, Marina and all the friends and people that believe and appreciate the beauty of exploration and creativity

Ewidi was never going to be easy; when the idea came to me a couple of years ago i knew it, and i still know it; But it was one of those ideas that deserved to be followed until the very end because in that idea i felt balance, i felt beauty, i felt usefulness;

beautiful things are not always successful, sometimes they are ignored; beautiful flowers die in winter without eyes to marvel at them; thats not the destiny of Ewidi though because Ewidi was from the beginning a seed; a seed with the potential to change, to evolve, to adapt; In these times more than ever there is nothing permanent, change is a feature of modern society and the success and failure of a project depends on the fashions and the demands of the people of this planet. Thats why we have to listen, like in theater, where the success of a play depends on the actors listening to each other, making their reactions feel true; in the same way we have to listen to the currents of the planet so that when we navigate the ewidi ship we can steer it in the right direction;

Ewidi is the bone of a ship, it was intended to be fast, and it is, it was intended to reach all parts of the world, and it does, it was intended to be easy to drive, and it is, it was intended to be useful, and it is as well; It was intended to be original and most people agree that it is;

Simply it is not the only ship in the ocean, there are many other ships, but the ocean is large and deep, it contains many unexplored territories and the first thing one must have to discover new places is patience; We have to listen to the winds, we have to listen patiently, we have to slowly keep adding things to our ship that make it stronger and even more useful, all of that taking care at the same time of our daily jobs that provide food and security for our people;

This ocean is so large...................., will we ever reach the horizon we search for... in itself navigating this ocean is a privilege , a joy, but at the same time, i believe this ship has a team good enough to reach a horizon, i just dont know where or when, but uncertainty is a feature of life that i have very much accepted since long ago, it is in the very fabric of life, it is part of it, cannot be separated from it; Ewidi was intended to be a very simple, useful and quick tool that connected people from all cultures and backgrounds, not requiring filling profiles or personal data registration forms, not requiring even to have an email, all that we have done, and the way in which some people have already used ewidi demonstrates that the idea works;

but again, the ocean is large, the amount of ships is large, and from the coastline the people have difficulty seeing our ship; at the moment they can only see with their binoculars the biggest ships that carry huge flags (marketing); they hardly notice the small ewidi that just a week ago launched itself seriously to the waters; but in the same way that there are 1000 paths to get to Rome, they are a thousand ways of being noticed more by the people that watch from the coastline;

We will shape our ship, we will adapt it to the winds, to the changing conditions and as long as it keeps being simple, quick, global, useful and helps people connect, it will keep being Ewidi for Ewidi is the seed of Exploration, of wonder, of imagination, of dream, of interaction and communication, it is the beginning of many projects that are one and the same, the natural project of any human being.....pushing boundaries, creating, reaching horizons beyond which nothing is known...
......beyond which the tears of the sun blend with marvellous things....never seen before....


Sunday, August 27, 2006

what is ewidi afterall?

when you open ewidi frontal page what do you see? search engine? no. even this may be first impression, search engines does not have publish button and they do not use two input boxes :)
what is ewidi then?
ewidi is unique service for communicating using short text messages. as easy as you send a SMS to a friend using your mobile phone, as easy you can publish a message using ewidi, but this message will be available to anyone. by simple answering your message all interested people can contact you. that's it! :)
you can search for messages in same way you use search engines, or, you can browse through recently published ones.
each message can be described by tag. when publishing, here you can write city and country or anything else that will describe content of your message. you can even put few tags and simply separate them by commas.

find your people in crowd and connect with them! when was it so easy? :)